It 100%-th protection against wiretapping of telephone conversations, the complete confidentiality of the data stored on your smartphones, as well as the inability to determine the location and identify the voice.

The uniqueness of the CrypTel cryptophone is that it is created using the latest technologies and is protected both at the software level and at the hardware level, it has a modern look (created on the basis of a modern smartphone) and this all makes it stand out from other cryptophones, represented on the global market for secure communications.

With us you can buy a crypto telephone with built-in conversation encryption and with the ability to call worldwide from any (selected by you) phone number. We provide really the most secure connection from all known methods of intercepting communications by special services.


CrypTel devices are phones highly protected from known and unknown threats in the field of mobile communications, convenient and understandable settings - even an inexperienced user can easily master, well, plus everything - it's a modern design, the ability to choose a color to your liking, speed and smoothness work, battery life.

And most importantly - complete anonymity and security, which is guaranteed by CrypTel's own communication structure.


data protection




Secure calls around the world, setting any number, changing your voice and many other useful features for safe and anonymous communication! Unable to intercept traffic!

Unable to intercept calls!

Unable to determine location!

Cryptel this is a highly secure connection, calls between subscribers are additionally encrypted SRTP encryption, any Internet connections go through virtual servers and are encrypted AES-256 the key.

At the moment of technology development, interception and decryption of such traffic is not possible

Protection from connecting to a PC and installing spyware! Quick and irreversible deletion of all data!

Unable to install third-party software!

Smart blocker


Are you listening and intercepting important information? Do you need to hide your location? Do you want your data to be completely safe?

With us you can buy a crypto telephone with built-in conversation encryption and with the ability to call worldwide from any (selected by you) phone number.

Unique proprietary software. The most advanced anti-spyware system.

The only CrypTel cryptophone on the secure communications market that guarantees absolute protection and confidentiality of your data.

It is protected both at the program level and at the hardware level.

You can buy a crypto telephone from us both for personal use and for business, as a corporate secure connection, in which you will not secretly transmit sensitive data without fear of being intercepted.

Buying a CrypTel crypto phone means getting a closed communication channel, protection from connecting to a PC and installing spyware applications. You will become truly invulnerable to any special services of the world and wiretaps.




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Corporate Communications
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