CrypTel Service Frequently Asked Questions


- If you make calls via CrypTel, all conversations are encrypted (SRTP) and go on the principle (telephone to telephone), our equipment is only used at the beginning of the call (to connect two devices). All connections to the conversation from a third party are excluded.

- If you call via GSM (all devices are equipped with our SIM), your phone is registered in the mobile networks of your country, therefore it is recommended to change the IMEI and IMSI codes of the device after each call, it actually looks like a “new subscriber” in the operator’s network, which completely excludes connection to your device for further wiretapping.

In both cases, you can call any phone. It is possible to change the phone number, as well as voice. It is preferable to use CrypTel communication rather than calling via GSM, although we protect our users with our SIM cards, still the GSM network cannot be called 100% safe.

- All our customers purchasing a CrypTel device automatically become members of the closed CrypTel network, conversations within this network are practically free, and the security of these conversations is ensured by our latest communications developments, so when you purchase several devices, you can talk absolutely without worrying that someone can you hear.

- All the features of our device are listed on the page Capabilities

- A priori a secure connection cannot cost a penny if you find this kind of application, but for a lower fee - be prepared for the fact that at least you will simply be deceived, but at most we think you already understood.

- After you leave a request to purchase a device on our website, our specialist will contact you to find out the details of the order. After all agreements, payment is made, then delivery of the device. We send devices in the usual form, neither that nor anyone can distinguish it from a regular phone. Depending on the country of dispatch, our specialist will offer you delivery options. Payment is also possible - prepaid.


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