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Service Cryptel It was founded in 2018 by a team of highly qualified narrow-minded specialists who are not indifferent to the fact that wiretapping of phones is becoming a “usual” thing.

We have created a unique cryptophone based on a modern smartphone, which guarantees 100% protection from wiretapping of telephone conversations, interception of text messages, photos and other data stored on your smartphones. Cryptophone is protected both at the software level and at the hardware level.

There are already similar gadgets on the world market in the field of secure communications, but we use only the latest technologies, which is why we have earned the trust of our customers - private individuals, employees of banks and large enterprises, government organizations and business representatives.

We are interested in attracting more users and improving the financial side of the project, so we will do everything so that your information is securely protected.

We reliably protect our connection from all known and unknown methods of intercepting communications by special services and no special services of the world will be able to connect to your conversation, which unfortunately cannot be said about our competitors and pseudo cryptophones.

You can buy tools with protection from wiretapping and interception of information from us - a cryptophone, anonymous SIM cards, routers, remote desktops, as well as get full-fledged advice on the operation of these devices, further technical support and warranty service.

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