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Prices for cryptophone Cryptel with secure connection




from $ 1000
($ 100 for balance)
Corporate Communications
 from 700 $ (min order 10 pcs)
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Prices for communication services Private individuals For Business
Average cost of 1 minute of calls through CrypTel 0.1 € / min (depending on the chosen direction) 0.1 € / min (depending on the chosen direction)
* Average cost of 1 minute of calls via GSM (anonymous) 0.1 € / min (depending on the chosen direction) 0.1 € / min (depending on the chosen direction)
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Have you got a wiretap on your phone? Again, your secrets became the property of friends and relatives? Are you looking for a phone you can't listen to?

Do you want your conversations with business partners to remain inaccessible to competitors? Do you need truly reliable phone protection? You do not know how to avoid listening?

Unfortunately, but the fact remains that today personal space is rapidly narrowing and a person can no longer calmly talk even in a closed room - the conversations are recorded from his own phone. And so the “unheard of” mobile phone is becoming a dream for so many. People are starting to look for stores where you can buy a phone that you cannot listen to.

Famous floorboard: “Alerted, then armed” as it once accurately describes competition in business and it’s no secret that “one who owns information owns the entire market”. Having your plans in hand, competitors can get ahead of you or put sticks in wheels.

What is an "unheard of" phone?

The solution for businesses around the world - “Reliable protection of telephone conversations” - CrypTel secure communication through secure phones, cryptophones.

An “unheard of” telephone is a cryptophone (cryptophone), which was originally created specifically for protection from wiretapping. It is impossible to install an eavesdropper and generally any third-party software on it, it is impossible to track its location and it is impossible to record calls.

The CrypTel crypto phone is protected both at the programming level and at the hardware level - it is truly a "non-listening and untraceable" phone.

Can I use a crypto phone instead of a regular smartphone?

It is definitely impossible to answer this question. If you use your smartphone only for conversations - then of course it is possible, but if you play games and communicate on social networks - then it is impossible.

Can I buy a crypto phone for private use?

Initially, “inaudible” telephones were created for special services and civil servants, who, by the nature of their activities, are required to maintain secret conversations and some secret information. Now the “unheard of” phone can be bought for private use around the world.

As an individual, you can buy a CrypTel crypto telephone for yourself personally to:

  • Call from him under any number (which you yourself want). The number you selected will be displayed by the interlocutor. You can change the number of the CrypTel cryptophone at any time any number of times (one change of number - $ 2);

  •  Make your phone invulnerable to operators - it is possible to change Imei after a call;
  •  Change the timbre of your voice so that the interlocutor could not recognize you by voice;
  •  We couldn’t determine your location by phone;
  •  All your conversations and data were 100% secure;
  •  You can see more details about the functionality in the tab “CrypTel Crypto Phone Features”

CrypTel secure phone or cryptophone (cryptophone) - This is a smartphone with its own SIM card and microchips, with its own PBX and its own secure communication CrypTel.

From a crypto telephone, regardless of the communication method, you can call from different numbers (which you yourself will come up with) - this is a paid service and it is a real protection against listening to conversations. Thanks to this unique opportunity, you will always be a “new” customer for operators, which, in principle, does not allow you to collect data about your social circle, about where and where you are calling.

You can protect the conversation on the phone in both directions, not only when you call, but also when they call you. In order for business partners to call up among themselves and not be afraid that negotiations will be intercepted, you need to buy a cryptophone (the price for a business is lower than for individuals) to each of its partners.

Protection of negotiations in both directions is as follows: you are assigned an internal short number of the type XXX01 (etc.) and this number will receive calls from your partners who have the same CrypTel cryptophones: communication in this case is absolutely free and 100% confidential and anonymous.

1. Calls between crypto phone business partners can be made via CrypTel (VPN + SIP + SRTP) - it will be guaranteed safe and free for corporate communications. Protect phone conversation on CrypTel crypto phones through own automatic telephone exchange - calls in encrypted form go through the Internet through virtual servers and are encrypted with AES-256 key. At the moment of technology development, interception and decryption of such calls is technically impossible.

2.   Can make calls via GSM (through our sim cards), secure anonymous CrypTel SIM cards can be installed on both ordinary smartphones and CrypTel crypto phones to make wiretap-protected conversations. 

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But, with any form of communication, it is unrealistic to break through the location of a crypto telephone and make phonoscopy of a voice.

Our secure mobile phones CrypTel Protected both at the software and at the hardware level.

No, we are not the only ones in the creation of crypto telephones, but we use the latest technologies, which is why we have attracted the interest of our customers and attract more and more.

Such a device for protecting negotiations is especially relevant for corporate secure communications.

Now you know how to protect telephone conversations - to call your partners only on the safest telephone from CrypTel wiretapping via CrypTel communication - such conversations are technically impossible to intercept.

CrypTel Cryptophone - 100% protection of conversations from listening