Remote computer with 1C from CrypTel VDS / VPS

Remote computers from CrypTel with 1C - this is your own remote desktop, which can only be accessed through our secure VPN connection, which can be configured on a regular desktop computer or laptop, as well as on mobile devices.

Using secure communication channels from CrypTel will allow you to conduct “black” accounting, store files that no one should see, store customer databases, and log into social networks without fear that you will be “spotted”.

1C online bookkeeping from CrypTel is a secure computer, 100% protection of your data from interception, copying and any changes from third parties. In addition, all Internet traffic is not visible to your provider.



  • CPU - 2core two cores
  • RAM RAM: 4 GB
  • operating system and office: Win7, Office 2013, 1C Accounting
  • connection speed: 10Mbit Network

Price for desktops


$ 90/1 month
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