Functionality of cryptophone CrypTel

Crypto features CrypTel

The CrypTel cryptophone is ideally suited for corporate purposes in companies where secure communication for employees is simply necessary. Talking to each other on CrypTel crypto-phones, you will be completely sure that not a single word, not a single text message will be intercepted and that your information will not fall into the wrong hands.

The CrypTel crypto telephone is also necessary for people working in structures where secrecy is respected and it is impossible to give out not only information, but also from what number the conversation is being held and where the subscriber is currently located.


Change IMEI - it is performed both in manual and in automatic mode - each reboot will result in updating the serial number of the radio module.

Unable to collect data - Each new outgoing call comes from a new phone number, which in principle removes the vulnerability of collecting data about the circle of people.

Ability to change voice - outgoing and incoming calls can be carried out with a change in voice, which excludes further identification by any phonoscope.

Unable to get contact list - crypto phones can be equipped with SIM chips, microcontrollers that replace the SIM card, removing such a chip is impossible without damage. Getting data about contacts and calls is physically impossible.

Ability to change your number - all your calls will be determined on other phones, as - as you specify in the settings. You can specify almost any number in the international format -7 (926) 777-77-77 666-66-66, etc., etc.

Unable to determine location - if necessary, it is possible to “park” a mobile number for incoming calls, in which case the calls will be sent to a telephone number located in a location other than the subscriber’s location (office, country house, server room, basement); location of the physical location of the number, and calls will go to the subscriber’s phone.

Unable to intercept calls - there is a closed communication channel between existing subscribers in the network through short numbers - all calls go inside a closed system, in this case, calls between subscribers are additionally encrypted with SRTP encryption, which eliminates the so-called “man in the middle” attacks. Calls bypass the operator, the duration and direction of the call is not transmitted to the operator. Intercepting such a call is technically impossible.

Unable to intercept traffic - Any Internet connections pass through virtual servers and are encrypted with an AES-256 key. At the moment of technology development, interception and decryption of such traffic is not possible. For various kinds of sites that try to determine the location of the subscriber, there are prohibitions at the kernel level, in the case of a system request, server data is sent in Europe (Frankfurt, Cologne, Berlin, Liechtenstein).

Delete all data - on the phone there is a SOS button, when clicked on, the entire content on the phone is also completely deleted.

Unable to install third-party software - at the kernel level, the ability to install any third-party software is closed, connection to a computer is limited

Unable to intercept SMS - there is no phone number on SIM cards and you cannot send or receive SMS messages from them.

There are two passwords on the device - the first to unlock the phone, the second password is the emergency password, when you enter it, all information from the phone is deleted within a few seconds and the shell core is deleted. Recovering by entering this password is possible only in the service center to the state of the phone purchased in the official store.

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